Nick Rosaci Music has engraved music for many people, including major publishers and well-known arrangers. Titles are numbered in the hundreds, with pages numbering in the thousands. The workmanship is top-notch quality which is backed up 100%. Whether you want your handwritten score looking professional, need quick and clean parts, or just have your file prepped for the publishers, All of this can be done and more. From symphony orchestral works to big band scores to even student theses, Nick works with all genres of music. Each score and part is backed, with very few mistakes made, if any. Check some of the images to the right for examples. A more detailed packet of examples can be sent upon request through the Contact page.

Music prepared using Finale
Scores and parts prepared from your MIDI or audio file, or handwritten scores. Transposing parts for vocalists or different keyed instruments can also be done.
Scores sent via email in the form of a PDF file. Printed scores can be made upon request.
Our priority is meeting your deadlines with absolute accuracy and consistency.