About Nick

Nick Rosaci has started playing music over 20 years ago, and was already gigging around town soon after. Over the years, he has gained experience leading and playing in small jazz groups, big bands, show bands, professional orchestras and recording studios in a dozen countries, to audiences ranging from small and intimate to large sports stadiums packed full of people.

As a musician, Nick has played in just about every genre conceivable on each of the five instruments he plays professionally. He has worked with high profile entertainers like George Benson, Nestor Torres, Joan Rivers, and Lou Diamond Phillips.

As a sheet music specialist, Nick has spent years arranging, transcribing, and orchestrating scores in addition to offering music copying services to composers, prepping their own scores for publication in the big music publishing houses in the U.S.

Being one of the most versatile musicians in the Central Florida area, Nick easily takes all of this experience, combining it into the neccessary skills required to give you and your guests an impressive, affordable, tailor-fit group.

You will be working with Nick on every step of the process. Further, his bands know and understand Nick's high standards and will show you the same professionalism and respect that he does.